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Check out some stars of our team:


konrad heilmann


Konrad Heilmann

- 42 years, 26 dedicated to Hang Gliding, certified level 5 Master Pilot, Brazilian Advanced Champion 2001, 12th place overall in the Brazilian Ranking 2013, Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo state distance state open distance record holder, represented Brazil in several international competitions from the early 90's to present, part of Brazilian team in Ager Spain 1994, Monte Cucco Italy 2010 and 2013 Hang Gliding Worlds in Forbes Australia. In 97 accomplished a 25000km hanggliding expedition from Rio to the Caribbean. 

Travels constantly for Hang Gliding competitions or expeditions.

Besides Potuguese he also speaks English, German and Spanish 

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klaus koch


Klaus Koch

Klaus has over 20 years dedicated to hang gliding and many, many hours in the air.

Participated for consecutive years of national championships and state throughout Brazil reaching goals and achievements in the sport. In 2005 made it to Brazilian vice-champion.
Certified by the Brazilian Hang Gliding Association - Speaks fluent English.

Besides flying Hang Gliders Klaus is also a professional Helicopter pilot and instructor.


Manny Rio Hang Gliding 

Manny Navarro

 Hang Gliding pilot since 1978. Advanced experience on high altitude flights, Brasil, USA(Ca), Austrália, Asia and Europe. Hang glider pioneer on Himalaias (1985). Altitude and speed record holder in Austrália and Brasil (balloon drop). Sky Diver since 1997, with 1400 jumps plus.

Portuguese and English


Watch some of his insane Balloon drop videos:

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